Phone booths? Bah! How many people can you fit inside a smart?

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The smart fortwo can legally seat only two people. But you would be amazed at the amount of nonsense people you can fit inside. Up to thirteen people! The stunt was made to celebrate the smart's 10th anniversary. Owners and visitors to the annual smart Destination Brooklands event held at Mercedes-Benz World at Weybridge, Great Britain, were invited to take up the smart-packing challenge. Among the 1,200 candidates, a group of body-bending specialists were chosen for their gymnastic features and ability to get 13 people crammed inside.

If case you wondered (I did), a little research revealed similar records for stuffing people in a smart (find them after the jump). Eighteen people managed to squeeze inside a smart in Germany back in 2002. 18? Ouch.

[Source: Smart UK & Record holders]

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People stuffing records:
  • Audi 80: 21
  • British Leyland Metro: 21
  • British Leyland Mini: 39
  • Ford Escort Mk. 1: 20
  • Ford Sierra: 27
  • Jaguar XJ6: 42
  • Standard 56-seater London double-decker bus: 354
  • Maruti: 42
  • Mercedes Benz MBO 405G bus (normal capacity: 144 persons): 438
  • New Mini Cooper: 22
  • Renault Espace: 34
  • Renault Twingo: 22
  • Skoda Felicia: 28
  • Skoda Octavia: 32
  • Smart: 18
  • Trabant 601 S: 32
    12 men who are at least 2 m [6 ft 7 in] tall, "Clubs of Tall People"
  • Vauxhall Astra: 21
  • VW Golf: 30
  • New VW Beetle ("new Beetle"): 27
  • VW Beetle: 34

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