ASTM approves new biodiesel blends, bring on the B20!

Fans of biodiesel have reason for a small celebration as this week as the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) voted to approve a standard for B20 biodiesel. ASTM controls the standards for commercially available fuels (among many other things) to ensure that what is sold at the pump meets certain minimum requirements for performance and content. Automakers test all of their vehicles with ASTM standard fuels validate, performance efficiency and durability of the components. Until now, there was only a standard for commercial biodiesel blends up to 5 percent. Chrysler, among others, has been shipping diesel-powered vehicles from the factory filled with B5 for several years and warranties engines when used with B5.
Now that the B20 standard has been ratified most carmakers, including Chrysler and Volkswagen, have indicated that they will test their diesel engines and modify them if necessary so that they can be covered by the warranty when operated with B20. ASTM also approved standards for the use of up to 5 percent biodiesel in standard diesel fuels. Those of you choosing to run on the cast-offs from fast food joints and Chinese restaurants are still on your own for now.

[Source: National Biodiesel Board]

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