2010 Chevy Camaro named Official Vehicle of SEMA Show

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We are giving you the heads up now. Expect to see a fair share of Camaros when November rolls around and the automotive community turns its attention to Las Vegas for the annual SEMA Show. The 2010 Camaro was just named the Official Vehicle of the show, and we're guessing that General Motors will be using the opportunity to make it the most popular car in Vegas. The automaker is currently accepting proposals for project vehicles, and we're betting that everyone is scrambling to get their hands on a 2010 Camaro. With its LS-based V8 and retrotastic design, it won't take long for a plethora of aftermarket parts to become available. The real question left to answer is when will GM debut the production version of the Camaro? It clearly has to happen at or before the SEMA Show in November. Our bet is that the Camaro's debut will take place the week before the Woodward Dream Cruise in August.

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[Source: SEMA via AutoWeek]

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