Orphan Car Show '08: Are pedal cars in our future?

Click above for a high-res gallery of pedal cars from the 2008 Orphan Car Show

Once upon a time before there were Power Wheels, munchkins had to provide their own motivation. At the Orphan Car Show last week a gentleman by the name of Greg was displaying part of his collection of pedal cars and, unlike the modern day versions that are fabricated out of injection molded plastic, these cars were all metal. According to Greg, his father-in-law got him started on collecting pedal cars about 12 years ago and he now has about 100 examples. He picks them up wherever he can find them including yard sales, curbs and through acquaintances. Body styles run the gamut from Mustangs, to Jeeps to fire trucks. Perhaps if gas prices keep climbing we'll all be driving full size examples of these things before too long. Click below for a high-res gallery of the best pedal car's at last week's 2008 Orphan Car Show.

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