Ebay find of the day: 1975 Vanguard Citicar EV

With skyrocketing gas prices causing buyers to bid up the prices on old eco-boxes to seemingly ridiculous prices, it should come as no surprise that others are being pulled out of barns and garages. The latest is this Vangaurd Citicar that was built in 1975. The current bid as this is written is $2,650 with 6 days to go. In the mid-'70s, the Sebring-Vanguard company built about 2,200 of these electric city cars. Eight 6V lead acid batteries provided enough juice to the 3.5hp motor to achieve speeds up to about 35mph for up to 50 miles.

This particular example was apparently only driven 2,900 miles during the first year of its life before being mothballed. The Citicar won't offer you luxury features like roll down windows or a radio and meeting modern safety requirements is not even remotely in the cards. If perchance you find this ride appealing you might want to take care before bidding. If the bids hit the upper four figures you might be better off with a modern NEV which will offer similar performance and usually a warranty.

[Source: eBay, thanks to Emil for the tip]

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