HUMMER HX appears in Transformers 2

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These may not be the happiest of times at HUMMER, but it looks like the brand's bitchin' HX concept is going to get some silver screen love. No, not in G.I. Joe, but in Transformers 2. "Destro," a Joe fan over at, posted some TF2 set pics that clearly show the HX on hand in the role of a military vehicle. This is further confirmed over at Slashfilm, where you can see it in yet another batch of photos. While GM decides what to do about HUMMER, the tough-looking, flex-fuel HX concept is going to get some play in what's likely to be next Summer's big event movie. And because it's cool, people are probably going to want to know more about it, just like the first movie made the still-unreleased new Camaro a star in the eyes of the general public. Unfortunately, any plans to turn the HX into the production H4 are now, in all likelihood, very much up in the air at best. Not that it wouldn't be a good starting point for a HUMMER reinvention or anything.

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[Sources: HISStank, Slashfilm via The Movie Blog]

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