RENNTECH takes its own Bentley pictures, doesn't do too bad

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You may remember my little hissy fit last week over RENNTECH using our photos of a Bentley Continental Flying Spur taken when the Flying B was in the Autoblog Garage two years ago. We and the graphic designer over at RENNTECH have since patched things up, aided in no small part by his flattery of my photos and me being a sucker for compliments. Taking our advice, the RENNTECH folk quit shopping in the Google Images section of the store, parked a tastefully tuned Flying Spur next to their building and proceeded to shoot away, the results of which ain't too shabby. Their Bentley is lowered with a dark window tint and some deep dish rims as opposed to the stock one we photographed, and theirs is no doubt sporting the tuner's new ECU module for Bentley automobiles that boosts the twin-turbo W12 to 625 horsepower. You can check out RENNTECH's new pics in the gallery below, as well as all of the Bentleys that have been in the Autoblog Garage after the jump. We think it's about time for another one.

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