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Rendered Speculation: Ferrari California Mondial

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Plucked straight from the imagination of one talented Ferrari fan, we have here a rendering of what a possible sportier edition of the upcoming Ferrari California might look like. While the newest Prancing Horse has yet to hit the show floor, this proposed version would potentially appeal to those who want their exclusive exotics as exclusive as possible. Somewhat like what Ferrari did with the Challenge Stradale and Scuderia versions of the 360 and F430 respectively, this California variant would conceivably get a slight horsepower boost, some distinctive visual cues and presumably a higher price tag befitting its limited edition nature. While we have to say that the overall look is definitely sporty and tasteful, this is pure speculation right now. While the CS and Scuderia could trace their existence to the Ferrari Challenge Series race cars, there is no word yet that Ferrari plans any such series for the California. If Ferrari doesn't build its own version, perhaps one of the tuners will. Hamman, Mansory, Novitec? Are you listening?

[Source: CGI via WorldCarFans]

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