eBay Find of the Day: Five of Oldsmobile's Final 500

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The death of the Oldsmobile brand in 2004 was certainly a sad moment in the annals of automotive history. At 107 years old, the brand had seen its share of ups and downs, and most would agree that it ended on a down note with a lineup of cars that weren't competitive at all in their respective classes. Regardless, a dealership in Indiana managed to collect an example of each vehicle in Oldsmobile's parting lineup, all of which feature the brand's Final 500 Collector's Edition Package. They include a 2004 Silhouette minivan, 2003 Aurora, 2002 Intrigue, 2004 Bravada SUV and, my personal fave, a 2004 Alero. With my own 1999 Alero Coupe suffering from a determined pull to the right, I am looking for a suitable replacement and a perfectly preserved 2004 model would be perfect. Unfortunately, these vehicles were being sold as a set (the auction is not live anymore) with a starting bid of $149,995. If I bought the whole lot of them, I'd be paying an average of $29,999 per vehicle. We're not sure any post-Y2K Oldsmobiles will ever be worth that much on their own, and I've got too many Bentleys and Ferraris in my imaginary temperature-controlled garage to fit five reminders of why GM sucked not too long ago. Thanks for the tip, Matt!

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