Camaro confirmed for Europe, may not be branded a Chevy

Wayne Brannon, Chief Executive of Chevrolet Europe, has confirmed that the UK will be getting its own right-hand-drive version of the Camaro when it goes on sale in early 2010. 1,000 coupe and convertible variants, powered by a 400 bhp, 6.0-liter engine, will be produced with RHD, and it's suspected that about 300 units of each will make their way to dealers in The Kingdom after the Camaro makes its European debut at the London Motor Show.

However, there is some debate about where the Camaro will be sold. Chevrolet is considered a budget brand abroad, so there's apparently some consternation about selling the Camaro with the bowtie badge. While it's likely that it will still be sold through Chevy dealers in Europe, there's a possibility that it will be marketed as a separate brand in the UK, similar to Corvette.

[Source: Autocar]

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