Matt Damon drops by coffee shop in a Tesla Roadster

When you hang out at coffee shops in sunny Southern California, you never know who's going to swing by for a morning caffeine jolt. This past Sunday morning, a scribe for the new site was waiting on a friend when a pale blue two seater silently pulled in and grabbed his attention. What he at first thought was a Lotus Elise turned out to be a prototype from our pals in San Carlos. Wordsmith Steve grabbed his camera and stepped outside to talk to the driver of the electron propelled Roadster and realized it was none other than Jason Bourne, aka Matt Damon. Turns out Damon was test driving the Tesla with an eye toward purchasing one. As with most of the people who have had the still rare opportunity to get behind the wheel of the fabled Roadster, Mr. Damon was impressed. The example in question still had the two speed transmission with the lower gear disabled so the off the line acceleration was not all it could be. However, once in motion, the electric motor torque provided velocity increases "Like nothing else." Looks like Tesla has hooked another star. Now they just need to crank up the line speed and deliver some more cars.

[Source: AutoFiends, thanks to Jonny and Steve for the tips]

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