Biofuels to make up 3 percent of Latin America's energy needs

Up to three percent of the energy needs of Latin America and the Caribbean could be covered by biofuels in 2018. This is the main finding of a report published by the Organizacion Latinoamericana de Energia (Olade, Latin America Energy Organisation) that was presented during the 3rd Biofuel Latinamerican and Caribbean Summit held in the Dominican Republic. Latin America's main biofuel producer is Brazil (no surprise there), a country that produced 3.25 billion m3 of biofuels last year. Using the most recent figures available (from 2006), the study found that Colombia came in a distant second with 165,000 m3 and then Costa Rica, which produced just 25,000 m3. Paraguay, with 34,000 m3, came in fourth.

[Source: Agroinformacion]

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