Happy Memorial Day from Autoblog

Most American readers (and bloggers) have today off as we in the United States honor those who have given their lives while in military service to our country by observing Memorial Day. The holiday also acts as the kickoff to summer, and is marked by parades, barbeques, and other assorted gatherings with family and friends. Be safe during your travels, watch out for the fuzz (they'll be out in force, as they are every year), and try not to eat too much. We'll be posting on a reduced, weekend-style schedule today and back to normal posting tomorrow. If you missed last year's post on our experience taking part in one of the thousands of local parades around the country, click here to check it out. It was a lot of fun, and chances are something just like it will be playing out in your city or town later today. Go enjoy it.

Happy Memorial Day.

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