'66 Barris Batmobile hits the bricks

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Lino M is one of our favorite custom Lego builders. We've shared some of his work with you in the past, and if you frequent his flickr photo stream, you'll find that he's usually up to something new. One of his recent creations is this rather spectacular, unbelievably detailed (dig the Bat Phone in the cockpit) '66 Batmobile he made for a builder challenge. He even created scale-sized Batman and Robin figures that fit inside. Lego would do well to license this design and sell it, as we'd be at Toys 'R Us with money in hand. Lino was kind enough to give us permission to republish the photos you see here, and you can view even higher-res versions in his flickr stream. While you're there, check out the ridiculously awesome new '60 Impala Wagon he just built, too. Now, excuse us while we head to our parents' to liberate our old Legos from the attic.

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[Source: Lino M. via Flickr]

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