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Are high gas prices making your car sick?

While "sick car syndrome" has been known about for quite some time now, the recent rise in gas prices may be causing a resurgence of sorts to the odd but mostly preventable issue. The cause of the problem is the air conditioning of your automobile, which features an evaporator which can be a haven for fungi, mold and mildew. If the AC unit is not switched on regularly, a buildup of the unwanted guests can be blown out the interior vents of your vehicle, which can then cause all manner of illnesses to the vehicle's occupants. An odd odor which only shows up when the AC is first turned on could be a sign that your car is sick has mold buildup in its unseen recesses.
According to India Automotive, motorists are using their air conditioners less and less in order to curb fuel consumption. Regular usage of the AC, at least once a week, can prevent the problem. If the situation has already developed, the AC system can reportedly be cleaned by professionals.

[Source: India Automotive]

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