VIDEO: More turbine excellence -- this time, it's a Z car

Follow the jump for video of the 280Z Turbine

This video was uploaded to YouTube in 2006, so yes, we know it's old. Make a snide "SLOW NEWS DAY? THIS IS OLD!" comment at your own risk. As for us, we saw it for the first time Tuesday night as a "related video" on the Turbine Porsche 928 clip. Chances are, this'll be a first viewing for a good number of you, too. You're in for a treat, because not only do you get the full 280ZX Turbine aural extravaganza, you get a nicely-edited video with desert road fly-bys and a sweet interior shot of the instrumentation while underway. We're starting to think that our lives are incomplete without a turbine car in the Autoblog permanent garage. We nominate Neff's Alero for a transplant. The video's embedded after the jump.

[Source: YouTube]

The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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