It's Friday: Beetle finally put out to pasture?

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Not long ago, we witnessed some "art cars" which had been covered in either real grass or fake, depending on the sensibilities of the car's owner. While those vehicles seemed to be somewhat of a statement of their owners green intentions, the lowly Volkswagen Beetle that you see above merely seems to have been left out in the rain a little too long. We're not sure exactly how the old Beetle ended up covered in grass, but it looks a little too perfect to have been an accident. Seriously, that things look exactly like a life-sized Chia Bug. We doubt that this car is currently being driven, but if it were, we just have to wonder if the sheer amount of carbon-devouring life existing on this vehicle would be enough to offset all of the carbon emissions from the rear-mounted air-cooled boxer engine.

[Source: Car Domain]

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