Apocalypse Preparation, Part Deux: Mega Track on the attack

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We stand corrected. There's one more vehicle we want in our underground bunker when the Rapture hits: the Mega Track. Built in 1995 by the French Axiam Group, it's the answer to a question that only a few of us were daft enough to ask. With a Mercedes-sourced 394-hp V12 mounted amidships sending power to all four wheels, the Mega Track had the ability to ford streams by day and hit up Monte Carlo at night. The stock ride height was set at eight-inches, but flick a switch and the Mega Track would rise to 13 inches, ensuring that no curb, planter or small shrub could stand in its way. Unfortunately, only five were made, so finding one could be tricky. We're searching Craigslist now and hope to be Mega-equipped before things get really messy.

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[Source: Supercars.net via Jalopnik]

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