Specs for Euro Tesla Roadster appear, preview of the final US spec?

Tesla Motors reps have been hanging out in Europe this week giving test rides in the Roadster and trying drum up sales. The specs of the European car have now turned up online on the site of a Finnish Norwegian specialty car importer who is offering the Roadster. The motor is now listed as 300+hp with a 13,000rpm red-line as compared to the original rating of 248hp. The transmission is also listed as a single speed unit, so these are likely based on the so-called drivetrain 1.5 which will be the installed into all the cars starting later year. The upgraded drivetrain features an upgraded power electronics module and enhanced motor cooling allowing it produce more power and torque. The upgrades allow the Roadster to match the performance specs of the original two-speed configuration.

[Source: Tesla Motors Club, thanks to Doug for the tip]

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