Rent an E-Solex at Europcar

France loves the Solex. The original was basically a bicycle with a small two-stroke motor powering the front wheel with friction. This 49 cc, 0.5 HP unit is also detacheble. allowing the bike to be used the old-fashioned way -- exclusively under human power. As we reported previously, the Solex is back as an EV scooter for eco-concious retro-lovers. The good news is that you don't have to buy one to enjoy it; you can now rent one through Europcar (although the price is not yet on its website). So far, the rental company just offers it at four locations: Paris porte Maillot, Paris Diderot, Marseille Prado and Cannes ville. Thanks to Dominique for the tip!

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[Source: Europcar France via Autoplus]

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