Pics Aplenty: Keating SKR supercar

Click above for a high-res gallery of the Keating SKR.

Last week saw the unveiling of the Keating SKR, a bespoke supercar powered by either a 6.0- or 7.0-liter GM-sourced V8 producing between 400 and 500 horsepower and tipping the scales at just over 2,600 pounds. Keating finally got its act together and supplied us with a gallery of images, but the proof is in the pudding, and it's obvious that Keating is on a seriously tight budget. What else could explain the cell-phone quality build pics, the CGI color configurations and the obvious photochopping of the Keating logo on to GM's LS3? Regardless, we've assembled all the pics in a gallery for your perusal, and here's hoping that the SKR's build quality is better than the company's Photoshop skills.

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