Who you gonna call? Ecto1 brought back to perfect ghost-busting condition

For those who don't know, Vivendi Games is planning on bringing the storied Ghostbusters franchise to game consoles later this year at the same time the Ghostbusters Blu-Ray is released. To help promote the game that will feature voiceover work by all the original actors (including Annie Potts, w00t!), Vivendi commissioned the creation of a restored Ecto1 that was sighted recently outside the headquarters of Best Buy in Minnesota. Aficionados of the franchise will be able to spot a few inaccuracies on this Ecto1 and it's not stated if this was an actual car connected to the movie our a build from the ground up, but otherwise the converted 1959 Cadillac hearse manages to pull our nostalgia strings quite well. Look for the game and Blu-ray release in late October, and you'll likely be able to see this Ecto1 in person if you have plans to attend Comic Con this year. Check out photos of the ghost-busting mobile in our gallery below and click the source for hundreds more minutia shots. Thanks for the tip, AJ!

Gallery removed at owner's request. Click source to view more photos.

[Source: GBfans.com]

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