Takuma Sato Gets New Seat

At first glance this could be Super Aguri's latest F1 contender. It's not like they need any bodywork for all their sponsors' stickers...

But no, it is a limited edition Takuma Sato Play Seat that can be parked in front of your TV for just 60,900 cents/Yen (around $600 USD). There goes that precious living room square footage freed up by last year's purchase of an ultra thin widescreen plasma display. Play Seats are comaptible with PS2s, 3s, Wiis and X-Boxes, and we're just aching to give one, or preferably two, a test drive. Fortunatley, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue came out yesterday and a few of us have it in hand, though we're not sure how we're going to convince AOL that a Play Seat is a required business expense for reviewing the game.

Source: Auto Gallery via Le Blog Auto

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