Get your carbs with Riceboy TV

A new site called Riceboy TV has hit the world wide web. It is brought to us by a couple of guys who jumped ship from Super Street Magazine shortly before Primedia sold off all its enthusiast titles. The website content is aimed at the same tuner market as Super Street, only delivered more speedily and a lot more animated. With founders known by such names as Nads and Rik Daddy, one can imagine that this site is not intended for the serious, uptight automotive consumer. Instead, it caters to those who could use video instruction on how to install their first cold air intake or brake caliper upgrade. It also offers event and feature car video coverage with commentary by folks with in-depth market knowledge. For those who might have perused the tuner magazines for more than just the vehicular content, don't worry, they didn't forget the silicone, either.

[Source: Riceboy TV]

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