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Geiger Cars builds Black Edition Z06

Click above for high-res gallery of Black Edition Z06

German tuner Geiger Cars is partial to modifying American cars, so it was an obvious choice to use the Corvette Z06 as a base for its latest special edition car. Dubbed the Corvette Z06 Black Edition, Geiger adds a unique body kit with a Ferrari F430-ish rear end and LED taillights, as well as a more aggressive front lip. Black painted rims are available in both 18- and 19-inch sizes, as well. Output of the 7.0-liter V8 is listed as unchanged at 505 bhp and 470 lb-ft torque, although Geiger does offer a Stage 1 performance kit for the Z06 that includes a new air intake system, upgraded exhaust manifolds, and a free-flowing exhaust system good for 542 bhp. We would insert a joke right here about KITT from Knight Rider or maybe Darth Vader, but it's been a long day and there's not much else to say besides that's one blacked-out 'Vette.

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