The European Commission says no to reviewing biofuel percentage goal

As you might know, the EU has plans to make a 10 percent blend of biofuels mandatory in 2020. However, not everybody agrees that it's a good measure. In fact, lots of voices have been raised in warning about using biofuels to reduce our dependence on oil.

Nevertheless, the European Commission said on Monday that there is no intention to review such the 10 percent target. Barbara Helfferich, European Commissioner for Environmental Affairs, stated that even though the EC knows that biofuels are associated with "problems," the EC is developing legislation to guarantee their sustainability.

Moreover, the European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Environment said that Europe expects to assign 17 percent of available farmland for biofuels to reach the 10 percent goal. These acres wouldn't affect food production, he said. He also said that the some of the newest European Union members, such as Bulgaria, Bulgaria and Romania, could even help reduce this global percentage due to their large areas of unused land. However, he also stated that the EC will review its agriculture policy, which will likely imply less subventions for biofuel crops.

[Source: Europa Press via Econoticias]

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