Prius pillage pre-meditated in Petaluma

It appears someone has it in for the Prii of Petaluma, CA. Over the past two weeks, at least half-a-dozen of the hybrids have been hunted down and had their windows shattered by bricks, rocks and a hammer. One Prius had a fender dented as well. While there doesn't appear to any sign of the attacks escalating to spray-painting or burning as had happened to Hummers in L.A. a few years ago, there are no known leads in the case and Prius owners may want to take extra parking precautions.

Although the motivation for the vandalism is unknown at this time, it is highly unlikely to be linked to pre-emptive attacks designed to protect blind pedestrians from the dangers these silent vehicles might present. However, if you do notice anyone in Petaluma carrying a white cane AND a hammer whilst feeling the contours of cars parked along the street, do your part to protect private property and pass along the information to the police.

[Source: The Press Democrat]

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