eBay Find of the Day: From my cold, dead Corvette

When you need to escape a pack of damn dirty apes, what could be better than a Corvette? Charlton Heston's Corvette, that's what. It's a virtually stock 1999 C5, looking sharp in black with chrome wheels. The current owner has added new taillights, the C6 style rims, and a Borla exhaust. The current bid of $20,600 is a fair price for that vintage 'Vette showing under 20,000 miles, though the reserve has yet to be met. We wonder what type of unrealistic hollywood-connection premium the seller is wishing for. C'mon, it doesn't matter who once owned it, really. Maybe if it were more rare, maybe if it were a Callaway sleeper, then it would be worth forking over more dough. Of course, we'd expect nothing less than someone trying to cash in off the back of a recently passed movie star. Despite the charming manifesto on the listing, this car is no more a collector's item than any other clean C5. Besides, we'd at least expect it to at least have a pistol-grip shifter, and it doesn't. Thanks for the tip, nevermind!

[Source: eBay]

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