Comprehensive list of biodiesel myths dispelled

Gas2.0, a website focused on biofuels, has published a very interesting set of 22 dispelled biodiesel myths. Some of them are dispensed with very straightforwardly and all are in favor of using biodiesel.
The, um, busted "myths" range from common confusions between ethanol and biodiesel to the real impact of biodiesel in the environment and how easy or difficult is to find. Common questions about its use directly in cars, its impact on power and consumption, exhaust smell and emissions are also answered.

One issue which, in my opinion, is not clearly answered is what happens to warranties on new cars whem biodiesel is added to the mix. Sure, only a few carmakers clearly state which blends of biodiesel are accepted (PSA, for instance), a little more info on this topic would've been nice.

[Source: Gas2.0 (h/t to Clayton)]

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