Zip it! Mumbai holds a no-honking day

For the aggressive driver, the horn can prove to be a powerful ally, but it can also annoy the snot out of everybody around them. In Mumbai, India, the noise pollution emanating from the auto-sax is so bad, the heavily populated city decided to have a no-honking day. Here in the States we have a special "day" just about every day of the year, but seldom do we mobilize 2,000 volunteers to ensure the occasion is honored. Mumbai did just that, as the un-paid help toted signs reminding the city of 1.5 million to keep their hands off the horn. While volunteers put the clamps down on every day horns, the fuzz get involved if someone had a tricked-out aftermarket honk.
To prove a point about noise pollution and physical and mental well-being, the folks over in Mumbai also celebrated World Health Day. We can't see how being stuck in traffic with Tatas, bicycles, cows, and elephants and not being able to release stress by honking can be good for anyone.

[Source: The CarConnection]

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