Uni-Select saves energy by installing new lightning system

Uni-Select, one of the most important auto-part dealers in North America, has announced that by installing a new lightning system for its warehouse in Auburn, Washington, they're saving a considerable amount of energy. Uni-Select had partnered with Lime Energy to replace metal halide lighthing with high-output fluorescent fixtures that use 50 percent energy. The switch saves 375,518 kWh per year and a lot in the electricity bill. Uni-Select claims that the new bulbs green things up this way:
  • 675,932 fewer pounds of Carbon Dioxide - the leading cause of Global Warming
  • 8,583 fewer pounds of Sulfur Dioxide - the leading cause of Acid Rain
  • 2,889 fewer pounds of Nitrogen Dioxide - the leading cause of Smog and Acid Precipitation
  • Equivalent of 59 passenger cars removed from the road this year.
[Source: Uni-Select]

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