Scion xB spontaneously combusts during dealer service

Click above for more pics of the Scion xB post-fire damage

An auto dealer service center is a lot like a doctor's office for your car. When something is wrong or your ride needs a check-up, a technician can set things right. Of course sometimes doctors make mistakes like taking off your left foot when they're supposed to amputate the right one, and things don't always go as planned in the hands of a trained tech. One Scion xB owner took his modified baby to the dealer for a Technical Service Bulletin, and it ended up engulfed in flames. The fire completely destroyed the little xB, but the good news is that the dealer has taken full responsibility for the problem and is giving the owner a new ride for his troubles.

We had auto shop in high school, but we can't seem to remember any reason a car should blow up when being worked on. We don't know what Scion xB TSB was being done, but if trying to fix it could blow up your car, that's probably not good. Check out the gruesome pics in the gallery below

[Source: Scion Life via Motive Mag]

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