Pics Aplenty: MANSORY McLaren SLR "Renovatio" and Ferrari 599 GTB "Stallone"

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Remember last month when we showed you a pair of supercars tuned by MANSORY at the 2008 Geneva Motor Show? Perhaps the poor lighting inside the Geneva EXPO obscured the awesomosity of these two tuner vehicles. MANSORY has corrected this by releasing a slew of high-res official images showing each car in perfect lightning so every detail is laid bare, for better or worse.

The first car is the MANSORY McLaren SLR "Renovatio", which is obviously based off of the Mercedes-Benz supercar but features many replacement carbon fiber pieces, lighter wheels and a new body kit that makes the standard car look downright dowdy by comparison. MANSORY didn't just alter the SLR's looks, but went one step further by upgrading its supercharger and intercoolers, so the 5.5L V8 is now producing a stout 700 horsepower. The interior also gets the same Midas touch as the exterior.

The second car is the MANSORY Ferrari 599 GTB "Stallone", which to Europeans may evoke images of wild stallions, but to U.S. folk sounds like an homage to Mr. Balboa. MANSORY takes the already superlative 599 and adds an F1-inspired aero body kit and a supercharger with enough engine upgrades to bump the 6.0L V12 from 620 to 720 horsepower.

Both vehicles have the grunt to fully back up their new appearance packages, but we're still not sure we'd actually want to be seen in them.

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View 7 Photos

[Source: Motor Authority]

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