VIDEO: Double-decker smart fortwo a little top-heavy

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The Smart fortwo is an adorable little transportation pod that can get two people wherever they care to go in style, but there are a lot of cheap, efficient four-seaters with more room for people and their stuff. The auto enthusiasts over at 5th Gear rectified the fortwo's apparent disadvantage by creating a smart double decker using four bolts to attach the roof of one car to the floor of another. The experiment is ridiculous enough on its own, but 5th Gear brought it over the top by putting the fortwo+two through a battery of tests versus a four-seat Mitsubishi i. Watching stacked Smart cars doing moose avoidance tests at 40 mph is hilarious, and at 50 mph, you can probably guess what happens. Hit the jump to watch the video.

[Source: CarScoop]

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