Dealership employee totals 2008 Dodge Viper

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Imagine making the purchase of your dreams - a brand new 2008 Dodge Viper with only five miles on the odometer. It's sitting safely in the showroom without a scratch just waiting for you to drive it off the lot. The only thing it needs is a tank of gas, which of course the dealership offers to pay for. Here's where the story goes terribly wrong. A member of and employee of a Southern California Dodge dealership says that the Viper was headed back from the gas station and only about 1/8 of a mile from the dealership (!) when the driver lost control of the 600-horsepower beast and crashed into four parked cars. The result is one severely smashed up snake. We'll be watching eBay Motors for a low miles, slightly scratched 2008 Dodge Viper with a full tank of gas. Thanks for the tip, Ian!

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