Nissan Skyline GT-R thief busted by internet forum members

Due to the Canadian 15 year or older vehicle exemption rule it is not all too surprising to find a slightly modified R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R on a dealer's lot. Such was the situation at Heritage Auto Sales in Calgary, Alberta. The dealership had a charcoal grey 1991 GT-R with a Greddy single turbo kit, Zeal coilovers and Panasport wheels on display for interested buyers. The car attracted one apparently serious customer who returned on multiple occasions looking for an opportunity to take a test drive. It must have been a good day, as the salesman was a trusting fellow and allowed the shopper a brief solo spin around the block. Perhaps the salesman felt a bit of remorse for the guy, as he was missing two fingers he claimed were lost in a recent accident involving his old GT-R. However, it wasn't long before the situation turned sour. The 10 minute journey wound up being a straight-up vehicle theft, leading to a police report and a simple posting on an internet forum. Follow the jump to learn what ensued.

Normally, one would think all is lost; the car must have been stripped apart and hidden behind closed doors within minutes. Fortunately, this thief wasn't so clever. Possibly forgetting that he was in possession of an atypical vehicle sporting dealer plates, or that he had flaunted a characteristic injury during the commission of his crime, the thief continued to cruise the streets of Calgary. It didn't take more than a few hours after the start of the internet thread for a reader to spot the hot property at a local mall. The perpetrator was even captured on camera. Needless to say, his photo was quickly posted for all to see, and several members recognized the thief in all his three-fingered glory. They responded by forking over his Facebook page, full name, address and workplace information. He was promptly nicknamed "The Claw" and became the subject of many online Photoshop mockeries.

The saga eventually reached its conclusion when readers visited the thief's home, boxed in the stolen GT-R and video taped the police hauling "The Claw" off to jail. Naturally, the web-savvy bunch had the video up on YouTube in no time. Catch it below, and thanks to all who sent tips!


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