Losing lottery tickets used to create HUMMER H3

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With the rise in fuel prices in recent years, the HUMMER brand has been the poster child for gas-guzzling. For some, however, the rugged vehicles represent a dream come true. The husband-wife art duo of Lauren Was and Adam Eckstrom wanted to make their own H3, and they used $35,000 in worthless lottery tickets to get the job done. The couple's work of art is called "Ghost of a Dream," and the idea behind the name is that people often dream of buying a new car when they're scratching off their tickets.

The final H3 Lottery Edition looks incredibly true to life, and it includes windshield wipers, tires, tow hooks, and all its body panels made entirely out of lottery tickets. The rims are plastic molds lined with coins that represent the principal tool people use to scratch off the tickets. Even if the final work of art doesn't end up in a major gallery any time soon, at least someone has finally found a use for all those worthless lottery losers.

[Source: Projo via Jalopnik]

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