British filling stations may have to start shifting more pumps from gas to diesel

The combination of rising fuel prices in Britain (and elsewhere) and emissions-based congestion charges have driven a significant shift from gasoline- to diesel-fueled vehicles in the UK. In 2007, sales of diesel fuel overtook gasoline for the first time with 25.5 million liters compared to 24 million. That's a trend thats unlikely to be reversed anytime soon especially with pending limits on carbon dioxide emissions from cars in the European Union. When demand for products shifts, retailers have to adjust their inventories and that goes for operators of filling stations too. While gasoline pumps have traditionally outnumbered nozzles dispensing diesel, that seems set to change as the total number of diesel vehicles on the road in the UK is expected to outstrip gasoline types by 2011. The increasing presence of biofuels is likely to eat into gasoline pump space in the coming years as well.

[Source: AutoExpress]

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