NxtGen gets grant for field testing of retrofit diesel emission controls

British Columbia-based NxtGen has recieved $5.5 million in funding from the Government of Canada, EnCana Corporation and Sustainable Development Technology Canada that will allow them to proceed with a field testing program of their diesel aftertreatment system. The system is designed to be either retrofitted to existing diesel engines or built into new models. The key is a syngas generator that uses exhaust gases and diesel fuel to produce a mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide. A lean NOx trap captures the nitrogen oxides in the exhaust stream and is regenerated using the syngas. The syngas reacts with the NOx to convert it to nitrogen and water. NxtGen claims the syngas can be used with a solid oxide fuel cell as an auxiliary power unit allowing the diesel engine to be shut down, reducing idling emissions and fuel consumption. NxtGen's system will be installed on twelve trucks in three different fleets across Canada for testing. If the system is proven effective it could be a viable alternative to urea injection systems for diesel engines.

[Source: NxtGen]

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