Gentlemen, grab your check books: 2008 Fairlady Z 380RS-Competition

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Almost a year after it was originally revealed, Nissan has finally put a price tag on the 2008 Fairlady Z 380RS-Competition. But let's not trifle with the cost of ownership yet. As its name implies, the 380RS is a tried-and-true racecar, with a stroked version of the VQ35HR V6. The 3.8-liter mill is producing 350 hp and 321 lb.-ft. of torque, which it sends to a Nismo Super Coppermix clutch and on through to a close-ratio, six-speed gearbox and mechanical LSD. The body meets Super Taikyu regulations, in which it was designed to compete, and comes equipped with new aerodynamic enhancements, a roll cage, six-pot Brembos and the required catalytic converter. Inside, it's all business, with carbon fiber door panels, a Recaro throne, six-point harness and a fire extinguisher. With that out of the way, the price is a cool 28,350,000 yen, or just over $285k USD. Well-funded, privateer teams need only apply.

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[Source: Nismo]

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