Ferrari bewildered by its own presence at New York Auto Show

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The gang at eGMCarTech was as puzzled as anyone else regarding the oddly spartan Ferrari display at this year's New York Auto Show. As we joked during the show, it looked as if thieves had run off with everything but the car, a black F430 sitting all by its lonesome. The eGM crew contacted Ferrari with a "what gives?" query and got an email in response. Turns out, Ferrari is at as much of a loss as everyone else. You see, Maranello isn't participating in this year's New York show in any official capacity. If we had to guess, some local dealer is probably shelling out big bucks to have one of his cars act as the unofficial Ferrari display. Unfortunately, devoid of signage, tucked between Aston and Bentley and across from Lambo and Porsche, the generally delectable F430 has been reduced to wallflower status. How very un-Ferrari. Visit eGMCarTech to read Ferrari's full response.

[Source: eGMCarTech]

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