Officially official: Better Place Denmark is born

Yesterday we told you of the impending announcement of a deal involving Denmark and Project Better Place. Now that it has been made official, we have the details of the agreement straight off the Project Better Place website.

Basically what we have here is the first date, in the form of a letter of intent, of what both parties hope will be a long and fruitful relationship. The stated aim of the entwining is to reduce CO2 emitted by the Danish car fleet. The parties involved are Project Better Place and DONG, which is an energy company owned mostly by the Danish government. Though not mentioned on the PBP website, other articles about the deal state that a country-wide network of recharging stations will eventually be installed, though no references to battery-swapping were made.

Besides emission reductions, DONG believes other benefits will come about through Better Place Denmark. "With this project, we hope to contribute substantially to reducing CO2 emissions from Danish cars. At the same time, we will achieve a new way of storing the unstable electricity output from wind turbines, as EVs are typically charged during the night, when the exploitation of power generation is low. This provides optimum exploitation of our resources for the benefit of the environment," said Anders Eldrup, the CEO of DONG Energy.

Hopefully the Danish project will serve as a model of how renewable energy sources and the electrification of transportation can work together with synergy to solve some of our more pressing problems.

[Source: Project Better Place]

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