Internet FTW! BMW buyer getting M3 thanks to pressure from web

We're betting forum member, dooma350, had no idea that his call for help with a shady transaction on eBay Motors would become what it did. After winning a new BMW M3 Sedan on the online auction site from BMW of Lincoln, Nebraska, the dealership refused to sell the car despite there being no reserve price, claiming the auction was a "mistake". dooma350's single post for help on a forum led to an internet-based outcry on his behalf, with lawyers offering free advice, other websites (like ours) promoting his cause, local news organizations getting in touch, etc. BMW of Lincoln's contact information was posted in countless places, and it no doubt received an overwhelming number of opinions about its actions from those who connected with dooma350's plight, and who had probably gone through similar experiences with dealerships before.

Well, we can call off the hounds. dooma350, whose real name is Ken, has posted again on informing his volunteer army of minions that he and BMW of Lincoln have come to a resolution, and that the dealership will sell him the M3 Sedan for $60,000, though with certain conditions. Ken will be traveling to the dealership tomorrow to go over the details and find out what those conditions are, but we bet this particular dealership will think twice about slighting him again. One thing Ken notes in his most recent post, however, is that for the sake of this purchase going through, everyone needs to back off the dealership now. He asks, "No phone calls, threats, emails or fake sales calls." OK, Ken. Just promise to send us a pic of you smiling in the driver's seat when this is all over with. Thanks for the tips, everyone!


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