New York 2008: MDI Air Car spotted uncovered

Our colleagues at AutoblogGreen happened upon the MDI Air Car uncovered in the lobby of the Jacob Javits Center just now, and were surprised at what they saw. Powered by compressed air stored under pressure in carbon fiber tanks, the Air Car on the floor in New York looks absolutely nothing like prototypes and sketches we've seen in the past. This previous rendering promised a fully-enclosed, Yaris-like cocoon, and even the original prototype at least had a solid roof over your head. Not this one. The body appears to be comprised entirely of injected-molded plastic that was color-keyed to my grandmother's bed spread, and crash protection looks to be on par with the Cozy Coupe. Our crew at ABG will be interviewing the team from MDI later today, so we'll find out more about the MDI Air Car and its many personalities soon.

[Source: AutoblogGreen]

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