Happy birthday Rudy! Dr. Diesel turns 150 today

Some of us here at ABG are big fans of compression ignition engines due to their inherent efficiency and massive torque. Of course none of those oil-burners would be around today (or they would at least have a different name) without the work of one Rudolf Christian Karl Diesel. On this day 150 years ago, Dr. Diesel entered the world in Paris, France. The engineer and inventor developed the concept of the compression ignition engine. Over the years he worked on many different kinds of machines including steam engines using ammonia vapor.
Ultimately, he published a treatise in 1893 that eventually led to the engine that bears his name. Interestingly, Diesel originally designed his engine to run on biofuels such as peanut oil. Diesel engines initially went into industrial and heavy duty applications. The first automotive diesel application was the 1936 Mercedes-Benz 260D. Dr. Diesel died in 1913. Happy Birthday, Rudy!

[Source: Chuck Goolsbee, Wikipedia]

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