E-One Moli Energy Corp exhibits li-ion battery for electric vehicles

Look out, A123. Better dust off your spurs, Saft. There's a new cowboy busting through the bat wings of the electric-car-battery-makers saloon. Yup, the E-One Moli Energy Corp, perhaps better known as the folks who the power in cordless Milwaukee Tools, are jumping into the automotive saddle. </silly Western babble>

During their 10th anniversary celebrations the other day in Taiwan, the company took the wraps off a li-ion battery intended for the hybrid and electric car markets. What they didn't reveal was any details about the new product so specific information on chemistry, energy density and such are still unknown. The company does make several different chemistries such as LiMn 2O 4 and LiFePO 4 and produces both cylindrical and prismatic cells. I'll keep my ear to the track and let you know when I hear more.

[Source: Businesswire]

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