As is known to everybody, China is hungry for energy. Biofuels look like one of the solutions the biggest country on Earth is seriously considering. Take this example: China Agro-Technology, Ltd. has announced that it's investing $200 million to build a two million ton per year biodiesel refinery in Beihai, Guangxi Province. The company announced that they have new "advanced leaf growing technology" to grow Jathropa as source to make biodiesel.

According to Dr. Harry He, China Agro-Technology founder and chairman, "Biodiesel has the highest demand of any commodity in China. To meet the 2020 B10 Kyoto Protocol requirement, China needs 12,400,000 tons of biodiesel in 2008. However in 2007, the supply in China was less than 1 million tons. Therefore, the product from this biodiesel plant will be a very important part of China's effort to meet the requirement." Let's hope that "advanced leaf growing technology" is up to snuff.

[Source: China Agro-Technology, Ltd.]

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