Silicon Valley HUMMER dealership closes ... for now

The anti-icon of the green transportation movement is about to lose a sales outlet in the home of the American high-tech industry. With sales of HUMMERs down 22 percent in 2007 and gas prices well on their way to $4/gallon and more it's understandable that a dealer might be reluctant to spend several million dollars on a new showroom and off-road test track. Ron Battistella, owner of Silicon Valley HUMMER, stopped selling new vehicles early this month and will shut down the service department at the end of March after GM decided to take back his franchise. Even though Battistella won't be selling the big SUVs anymore, the area likely won't be without their military poseur fix for long. There are several other GM dealers in the area, one of whom will likely take over the franchise soon. The question is will any other dealer be willing to invest the money in the kind of dealership that GM wants.

[Source: San Jose Mercury News, thanks to Steve for the tip]

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