Iconic GTR unveiled at Amelia Island Concours

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While flipping through a copy of the DuPont Registry on our way to Geneva, we came across a full-page ad for Iconic Motors, a company that proclaims to be building an All-American supercar conceived and built with the express purpose of redefining the luxury sports car segment. We didn't give it much thought at the time, but Autoblog reader Dan sent over a link to the company's website, and although the details are minimal, our interest was mildly piqued.

The Iconic GTR is an obvious nod to the Shelbys of yore, with a body and chassis apparently crafted from all manner of lightweight materials. Weighing in at an estimated 2,200 pounds, the GTR is theoretically powered by an 800+ hp 6.9-liter aluminum V8 designed and produced by Iconic. Unfortunately, Iconic's website doesn't get into the nitty-gritty of the mechanics of the GTR. Instead it hypes up the fact that there are 18 patent-pending pieces on the bespoke roadster (from the door handles to the "gas-cap control system") and that the interior features more jewelry-grade kit than Tiffany's.

The GTR's official unveiling took place at the Amelia Island Concours event this past weekend. Production is said to be limited to just 100 units, though we couldn't find a peep about pricing on the company's website.

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