Emulating Clarkson with an '81 Corvette

Recently my friend Jonny got a message from a mysterious Czech car collector who had a line on a "vintage" Corvette located in the San Francisco area. The collector was looking for someone to deliver the "mint" 1981 C3 Corvette to the port of Los Angeles where a ship was waiting to transport it to Europe. Jonny being the adventuresome type, figured that if Jeremy Clarkson could buy a mid-eighties Camaro in Miami and drive it to New Orleans (in lieu of renting something a wee bit newer) he could at least try to emulate him. Unfortunately, like Jezza's Camaro, the Corvette had an issue or two. The climate control system was less than cooperative and the assorted switches were even less so. As Jonny found out, attempting to drive an unrestored "classic" more than a nominal distance is likely to rouse the ghost of Murphy. Anything that can go wrong... well you know the rest.

[Source: The Truth About Cars]

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